A Practical Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety: Practical about Panic is the second book I wrote after 4 years of working with anxiety in my private practice: The Panic Room. I really enjoyed writing this book and was fortunate enough to draft in the illustrator, Bella Dane, to add to it with her talented drawing skills. Practical about Panic has kept the reassuring tone of the first book, but includes loads of practical advice deriving from what I have learned during the years at the practice, as well as studying an MSc in Counselling Psychology. I was delighted that the book has been very well received, so much so that John Murray Press (Hodder & Staughton) bought the rights to the book and will be re-publishing it in November 2019.

This book is a valuable asset to support the many people who struggle with anxiety and panic on a daily basis. It demystifies these conditions and provides practical strategies and support for people to lead less fearful and happier lives.

Markus Greenwood

CEO, MIND Salford

This is a very readable and useful book. The author addresses the reader directly and by sharing his own experiences, creates confidence that anxiety can be lived with and managed successfully.

Dr Lois De Cruz

This book is a godsend. Easy to read, builds up practical advice without expecting you to know lots about the theory of anxiety. Warmly recommended to anyone struggling with anxiety and panic or just wanting to empathise better with others.

Helgi McClure

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Great book! I suffer from anxiety, panic, and depression. This book has great things to try to get you going down the right path. The author has two books and I have both. The books do repeat something’s I find them both very helpful. I have asked my wife to read them so she is aware of the tools and techniques to help me too.


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